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Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Now, what a question….so many people love the Star Wars movies! At this point, there are 6 of them to enjoy. The classic 3 movies and then the newer Star Wars movies. Some Star Wars fans get quite enthusiastic about which ones are better (we aren’t even going to ask you!). But we are going to share with you 40 fun Star Wars DIY projects that we know you’ll want to make.

Whether you’re an adult and a Star Wars fan or you have a little one who likes these movies, these DIYs are great fun to do. You’ll find DIY Lightsaber projects, Star Wars costumes, party decorations and so much more. If you want to make a Star Wars themed birthday or holiday themed gift, why, you’ve got lots to choose from here! Best of all, there are projects that a beginner can feel confident doing too.

So, May the Force be with you! Happy DIY-ing!

Star Wars DIY Garden Pots

Show your Star Wars love in your garden with these great pots. A fun DIY for families too!


From LemonLimeAdventures

DIY Star Wars Yoda

Want to try a fun DIY? Make this great origami Yoda!

From Creavea

No Sew DIY Princess Leia Costume for Kids

Want a fun Princess Leia costume? Here’s an easy no sew one.

From CarrieElle

Star Wars Tin Can Lanterns

Want something fun for a party? Here’s a great DIY.

From FrugalFun4Boys

How to Make an Origami Darth Vader

Is the Force with You? In a few origami folds, you’ll know for sure.

From Pondly

Princess Leia Hair Tutorial

Does your little one want Princess Leia hair? Here’s how to DIY it!

From MeSewCrazy

May the Fourth Party DIY Banner

Having a May the Fourth party? Here is a fun DIY banner.

From MayTheFourthBeWithYouPartyBlog

Darth Vader Shoes

Big Darth Vader fan? Its easy to make these fun canvas shoes.

From TwinDragonflyDesigns

DIY Princess Leia Costume

The Force is Strong with your little girl! Make this DIY costume!

From BuggyAndBuddy

Darth Vader Bookmark

Want your kids to read more? Make this great bookmark.

From RedTedArt

Origami Yoda

Do or no do. If you do, then you’ll have origami Yoda!

From Origami.Plus

Light Side Dark Side Pillow Cover

Newlyweds? If you’re Star Wars fans, you’ll want these!

From Etsy.com by slushieprints

TIE Fighter

Make a Star Wars fighter. This is a fun origami to do.

From Origami.HappyMagpie

DIY Tutorial Amazing Darth Vader Fire Pit

Having a party? You’re going to want to check out this cool DIY.

From Recylart

R2D2 Pencil Holder

Got a lot of pens? Make this fun pencil holder.

From CraftsByAmanda

Darth Vader and Bride Cake Topper

Star Wars fans? Try this cake topper for your wedding.

From Etsy.com P2Topper

Lightsaber Crochet Pattern

Need to keep your Chapstick or lip balm handy? Make this crochet pattern!

From ekayg

Easy DIY Darth Vader Star Wars Costume

Want to make a Darth Vader costume? Here’s how!

From MomEndeavors

I Love You I Know Mugs

This popular saying is from The Empire Strikes Back. If you’re a Star Wars fan you’ll want these!


From Etsy.com by TwoSisterBirds

How to Make Lightsaber Napkin Wraps for Your Star Wars Party

Why not make your napkins into Lightsabers? Here is a fun party themed craft.

From CatchMyParty

Easy Five Dollar Lightsabers

Do your kids want Lightsabers? Here’s how to DIY them for just $5!

From Instructables

Felt Lighsaber Pencil Holder

Here’s a fun kid DIY. Make a pencil holder.

From MakeZine

Light Saber Organizer

Every Star Wars fan knows you’ve got to keep your Lightsabers within reach. The Force is always with you!

From QuiteContararyBlog

Star Wars set of 6 coasters

Love Star Wars? Put your drink on one of these coasters.

From Etsy.com by Homecreationss

Lightsaber Popsicle Holder

Aren’t these cute? A great popsicle holder too.

From CreateCraftLove

How I Build a PVC Lightsaber

Want to DIY a Lightsaber? Its easier than you might think!


From TheCreativeSideOfTheForce

Hand Drawn Star Wars Valentines Cards

Aren’t these cute? If you like to draw, you can make one or a couple of them.

From MadInCrafts

Make Your Own Lightsaber

Here is a lightsaber perfect for kids and adults. Its one even beginners can make too.

From Instructables

Rogue One Kyber crystal necklace

Love Star Wars fashion? Make this DIY necklace!

From TheKesselRunway

Lightsaber Pencils

Going to school sometimes you need a little Star Wars with you. Make these pencils.

From KeepingItSimpleCrafts

Ben Skywalker Lightsaber

Want to be just like Ben Skywalker? Make this Lightsaber.

From Lightsaber-Gallery

Star Wars family print

Do you have a Star Wars loving family? Check out this personalized print!

From Etsy.com by BlingPrints

DIY Star Wars Marquee

Love the Star Wars name? Make this fun light up wall art.

From AshleyGrenon

Star Wars Fanatic Turns IKEA PS 2014 Into the Death Star

Are you a huge fan? Why not turn an IKEA find into a Star Wars DIY?

From TecheBlog

DIY Storm Trooper Doll

Okay this Storm Trooper is more cuddly than scary. Perfect for a Star Wars fan you know!

From Crafting-News

Rebel Alliance String Art

Love Star Wars? Take a look at this fun string art project!

From CutOutAndKeep

Father’s Day Mug

Isn’t this a great mug for Dad? Especially if he is a Star Wars fan.

From Etsy.com by DuneStudio

Star Wars sweaters by Natela Datura Design

This Star Wars themed sweater is made by an Etsy seller, Natela Datura Design. Look at its intricate design!

From TheKesselRunway, from Etsy seller Natela Datura Design

Star Wars soaps

No trouble getting anyone to wash up with these. If your family likes Star Wars!

From Etsy.com by AubreyEApothecary

Chewbacca Gift Bag Tutorial

Perfect for your next kid or adult party! Look at these fun gift bags!

From CuldesacCool

10 DIY Star Wars Crafts and Projects to Release Your Inner Jedi

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With The Last Jedi almost upon us, we couldn’t be more excited. With so many cool DIY Star Wars props 8 Star Wars Props You Can Make at Home 8 Star Wars Props You Can Make at Home These are not the props you’re looking for. These Star Wars props can all be made at home with nothing more than a few scrap parts and some hard work. Read More and high tech Star Wars gadgetry you can make with your Arduino 10 Budget Arduino Star Wars Projects You Can Make Right Now 10 Budget Arduino Star Wars Projects You Can Make Right Now If you just can’t wait for each and every new Star Wars film, then fill your boots with these incredible Arduino Star Wars Projects! Read More , there’s plenty to keep you busy for now.

In this article, we will look at some of the cooler Star Wars crafts and projects that fit under the wider DIY mantle. From wood carved space ships to life size papercraft R2-D2s, and small home builds to epic snow sculptures, there are projects here to give anyone with the DIY itch some ideas!

1. Disco Death Star

Complexity: Simple

The original Star Wars movie was released when disco was at its height. What better way to combine evil of the empire with the evil of the dance floor than a Death Star Disco Ball?

This tiny slice of the late 70s was built by Kat and Cam of the ourNERDhome blog using a styrofoam ball and some silver sequins. This cheap and relatively simple build gives a great effect — and a little parental help with cutting the styrofoam would make it a perfect project to work on with any young Jedis around the house.

This is only one of the many Star Wars crafts and projects on the ourNERDhome blog, so it’s well worth checking out their other projects!

2. Droid Bauble

Complexity: Simple

With Christmas coming hot on the heels of The Last Jedi release, adding a little Star Wars to your festive decorating has never seemed like a better idea. We have already covered ways to re-use and recycle objects into seasonal decorations, and this project fits also fits well into that spirit. How about hanging your very own light up droid bauble from the tree this year?

This build is the brainchild of Cesar Diaz of the Growing Up Bilingual blog. Combining a clear plastic or glass bauble with some cheap LED moon lights, along with a little fake plastic snow makes the basis of this build, and would make a great Christmas decoration by itself. It is the addition of the C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 cutouts (which the blog post provides PDF templates for) that gives this Christmas DIY hack its robot edge.

3. Windshield Wipesaber

Complexity: Medium

We’ve all thought it: what better way to deal with rain on your back windshield than to vaporize it with a laser sword? Clearly Instructables user JokerDas took this all too common thought to heart when designing the rear windshield Wipesaber!

This cool looking build is also practical as the level of light doubles when the brake is applied. The build consists of a children’s lightsaber toy that has been modified to fit over the bottom of the windshield wiper, and a self-adhesive red LED strip.

The full written Instructable takes you through the whole process of building the saber, along with instructions to attach it to the electronics of your car so that it works with the back lights and brake lights.

4. Intergalactic Chocolate Moulds

Complexity: Medium

May the force be delicious! This next idea comes from Instructables user Warren Downes, and combines two things we love: machine cutting and chocolate! This tasty galactic treat begins with a CNC cut wooden mould before being filled with silicone to create a food safe mould for creating Jedi chocolate.

The Instructable links to designs for several moulds, but the general idea could be applied to almost anything in the Star Wars universe.

Don’t have a CNC machine? Fear not, you can build one yourself for cheap! Designs are available on Instructables ranging from a CNC machine to this design from Tom McGuire, which uses more shop bought parts and comes together for around $200.

5. Speeder Rocker

Complexity: Hard

Sticking with builds using wood, this Star Wars inspired speeder is possibly the coolest variation of a rocking horse we have ever seen.

This incredible build combines solid woodwork with a few 3d printed parts for detailing. While this particular build relies primarily on woodworking, there are many 3d printed Star Wars While Star Wars props can be purchased nearly anywhere, 3D printing your own is an awesome way to save money. Here are 15 of the coolest projects around. Read More projects to choose from too! Every part is provided in the plans made by Instructables user Tez_Gilmir, along with detailed instructions on how to put the whole build together.

As if the build wasn’t cool enough, it also includes electronics to light up the LED “laser” on the underside of the speeder chassis, and play the all too familiar blaster sound when a button on the handlebars is pressed.

This build is seriously impressive, and it combines everything we love in a good DIY guide. It was very popular with its target audience!

6. Wooden Millennium Falcon

Complexity: Bonkers

Sticking with the wooden theme, woodworker Martin Creaney has created something truly stunning. The level of detail in complexity in his wooden Millennium Falcon build is just off the charts!

The level of time and detail that goes into the models the artist creates is breathtaking. He has also tackled other items from the Star Wars universe including several droids and the iconic X-Wing.

All of these builds are documented on his Facebook artist page, and along with the Star Wars builds there is a wonderful array of pieces from comic book figures to a wall mounted TARDIS!

7. Papercraft R2-D2

Complexity: Medium/Hard (depending on scale)

Everyone loves R2-D2, including people who don’t know what R2-D2 is. It’s just a fact of life. What better way to celebrate this droid of many uses than to build your very own papercraft version? Instructables user visualspicer clearly thought this was a good idea and built a life-sized R2-D2 papercraft droid!

The impressive looking build was a labour of love, designed by the artist and built using recycled paper. The version featured above is named the R2-D2-AE2 due to the huge pieces of AE2 architectural paper used for the project. The designs for the build are available for purchase on the artist’s website.

An alternative and much smaller version of the same familiar companion droid can also be made, as YouTuber Yoshiny Yo shows us.

This pint-sized version of Artoo is perfect for any mantelpiece. The design is by Shunichi Makino who has .

8. Foam Clone Trooper Armor

Complexity: Medium

Our next project comes from YouTuber and streamer Andrew DFT who has been providing videos and tutorials on costume and prop making since 2010. Of the many DIY Star Wars props to choose from, we found this suit of Clone Trooper armor to be a great combination of a fantastic tutorial, and a good beginner build for those looking to get into working with EVA foam.

The multi part build series takes you through every step of creating the armor, along with great general tips and tricks for working with EVA foam and the tools involved in costume and prop design. The video description also contains a link to a full document on the build which you can print out to keep handy. Perfect for when your fingers are full of glue and you don’t want to touch technology!

9. Imperial Hallway

Complexity: Bonkers (pure madness)

OK this one? This one is special. Some people make their favourite Star Wars prop. Some people make a costume. Instructables user Dvda2108 made an entire corridor dedicated to Star Wars.

This epic build was designed for a festival in Belgium, and each section of the hallway was designed to showcase a piece of Lego Star Wars 10 LEGO Star Wars Toys Actually Worth Buying Right Now 10 LEGO Star Wars Toys Actually Worth Buying Right Now Both LEGO and Star Wars are brands beloved the world over. Why not combine the two with these, the best LEGO Star Wars toys? Read More merchandise. This huge build incorporates lights and Plexiglas to give visitors the feeling of being inside a museum on a space ship. It’s hard to look at images of this build without imagining Darth Vader striding towards you down the corridor!

The designs for the build are included on the Instructable page, along with a rough guide how the project came together. If you are a huge Star Wars fan with some space to fill, then this is for you!

10. Snow Behemoths

Complexity: Japanese Military

Finally on our list, the snowmen to end all snowmen. In 2015, members of the Japanese military employed bulldozers, a whole load of snow, and a lot of patience to create this work of art.

This incredible sculpture consists of 3,500 tons of snow, and measures 25 meters wide and 15 meters high. The attraction was approved by Disney and took the soldiers over a month to complete.

This one might take a while to do yourself, I’d advise getting started at first snow if you want to build your own model to scale!

DIY or Do Not DIY, There Is No Try

These inspired Star Wars themed DIY crafts and projects should give you some ideas for your own force inspired builds. From the droids you are looking for to DIY lightsabers, there are plenty of project ideas out there. What will you choose to build?

If you have a Star Wars kid or adult who’s a super fan in your house like I do then today is your lucky day my friend. {giggle}á I’ve found some super cool star wars gift ideas that are sure to delight those of all ages. These Star Wars themed gifts are DIY or buy with free patterns or prime shipping.

DIY Star Wars Gifts to Make

These gifts for Star Wars fans are cool things you can wear including Star Wars apparel, fun things to make like hand warmers, ornaments and unique homemade gifts out of characters as well as ships and even bed and bath items like soap and bath bombs.á Check out the amazing Star Wars gift ideas below and click on the links to be taken to the original source!

Gifts for Star Wars Fans

The majority of these Star Wars gifts are DIY with free patterns but a few you can buy and contain affiliate links for your convenience. for disclosure policy. Those links help support the site as I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

24. Star Wars Death Star Bath Bombs

A pampering and not deadly gifts for star wars fans that are fun to make but even more fun to enjoy. So you’re also giving the gift of relaxation too. Double whammy!
Get tutorial here: DIY Star Wars Death Star Bath Bombs

23. DIY Star Wars Rice Hand Warmers

Excellent Star Wars gift ideas for the cold season and make a really unique but easy handmade gift. I’m making hand warmers for our young women at church next week. {yay!}
Get the tutorial here: DIY Star Wars Rice Hand Warmers

22. DIY Star Wars Reversible Quilt

If you enjoy quilting then check out this free pattern and you’re also giving warmth and comfort gifts for star wars fans with this beautiful quilt.
Get instructions here: DIY Star Wars Reversible Quilt

Star Wars Characters

Star Wars characters from the iconic movies can be turned into fandom Star Wars gift ideas from luminaries, to dolls, to ornaments and organizers.

21. Star Wars R2D2 Luminaries Craft

If you’re looking to craft with the kids then check out these easy Star Wars R2D2 gifts that could double as outdoor home decor or party decorations.
Get tutorial here: Star Wars R2D2 Luminaries Craft

20. Darth Vader Sock Doll

Darth Vader gifts are usually a favorite and this is an easy craft that make a doll suitable for the truest Star Wars fans.
Get tutorial here: Star Wars Darth Vader Sock Doll

19. Free Ornament Patterns

Ornaments make great gifts for star wars fans as they’ll be able to enjoy it year after year as they decorate their Christmas tree. The Force is Strong’ with these ornaments Darth Vader or Boba Fett ornaments made in felt and complete with free patterns so you can learn how to make them too.
Get the free pattern here:Darth Vader or Boba Fett ornaments

18. BB8 Star Wars Droid Cord Keeper

A practical and easy gift for any star wars kid to enjoy every day. What a cool idea!
Get tutorial here: BB8 Star Wars Droid Cord Keeper

17. DIY Metallic Felt 3-CPO Plush Figure

Star Wars Day or not this metallic felt 3-CPO plush figure is a masterpiece.
Get tutorial here: DIY Metallic Felt 3-CPO Plush Figure

16. Homemade Han Solo Soap

With the right mold, anyone can make this super cool Han Solo soap. I’ve also seen it where they drop a Han Solo figurine into glycerin to make soap, no mold required. When they’re done washing they get the toy to play with.
Get tutorial here: Homemade Han Solo Soap

15. Star Wars “Galaxy” Printable Wall Art

Y’all know I love printables and so I had to add one as this is a quick and easy Star Wars gift idea for those who don’t enjoy crafting and want to quickly print something out and drop it into a frame.
Get printable here: Star Wars “Galaxy” Printable Wall Art

Star Wars Ships

Ships and vehicles have always been the favorite merch from the movies for my oldest son. Star Wars gift ideas made out of ships and the death star are winners in my home. So here are a few tutorials and ideas for those who have a need for speed or destruction.

14. DIY Star Wars Death Star Globe

A brilliant project that turns an ordinary globe into Star Wars-themed piece of statement decor.
Get tutorial here: DIY Star Wars Death Star Globe

13. Star Wars Concrete Death Star DIY

A fancy looking concrete Star Wars Death Star perfect as a planter, vase, or candle holder.
Get tutorial here: Star Wars Concrete Death Star DIY

Star Wars Apparel

If you’re looking for Star Wars Apparel it is everywhere and could do an entire post just on funny tshirts and hoodies. However, I’ve really tried to only include Star Wars gift ideas that I would buy or make for my boys.

12. Star Wars Character Socks

I love a crazy sock and if they don’t exactly match then I love it even more. There are so many to choose from and I love it that you don’t have to know the exact shoe size of your recipient as an estimated guess will work just fine. These are great for the men in your life who also love a crazy sock.
Buy on Amazon: Star Wars Socks, $10 – $20

11. Star Wars Family Pajamas

My family wears themed pajamas every Christmas Eve and it’s a tradition that my kids look forward to year after year. So I wanted to add these fun Star Wars apparel jammies. Or jam jams as my niece calls them. {giggle}
Buy on Amazon: PajamaGram Star Wars Family Pajamas, $20 – $70

Star Wars Gifts for Adults

Most of these Star Wars gift ideas can be gifted for both kids and adults but the following are specifically geared towards us older folk.

10. Star Wars Clock Gift

A gorgeous Star Wars clock crafted from an old vinyl record. I bought one similar for my husband who’s a RUSH fan and he absolutely loved it. So I would highly recommend this gifts for star wars fans as it worked for me. {high fives}
Buy it here: Star Wars Clock Gift

9. Chewbacca Star Wars Seat Belt Cover Shoulder Pad

If your super fan also happens to be a car guy then check out this Star Wars Chewbacca seat belt cover. The cool thing is that it can also be used as a shoulder pad for a camera strap or bag. The soft fur gives is a comfy feel and a Chewbacca vibe.
Buy it here: Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover or Shoulder Pad

8. Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set With Glasses

My family doesn’t drink but if you have a Star Wars fanatic who does here’s a classy Star Wars decanter set perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift for adults.
Buy it here: Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set With Glasses

7. DIY Star Wars Wind Chimes

A gorgeous craft inspired by the wind chimes featured in Jabba’s Palace in the movie “Return of the Jedi”.
Get tutorial here: DIY Star Wars Windchimes

6. Jedi Order Desk Decoration

An awesome gift idea for your Star Wars obsessed coworker or your man’s office.
Buy it here: Jedi Order Desk Decoration

Kitchen Star Wars Gifts

If your Star Wars fan loves food, baking or cooking then these Star Wars gifts will be perfect as they’ll be able to enjoy their fandom daily while consuming their favorite beverages, breakfast, and food.

There’s so many great ideas on Amazon to buy that range from cheap for $9 to more expensive so here are a few of my favorites.

5. Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Star Wars toasted bread for breakfast sounds like a page out of a fantasy. But you can live the dream with this innovative toaster. If you have a family of fans, watch their surprise and disbelief as you serve.
But it here: Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

4. Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

I feel like these are one of those Star Wars gifts that you’ll enjoy over and over again. Especially if you love to bake and cook. How great will it look on the kitchen counter and will probably encourage your kids to get involved.
Buy it here: Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

3. Star Wars LIGHT UP Chop Sabers

I had to giggle when I saw these lightsaber chopsticks that actually light up. My boys are currently obsessed with using chopsticks and I think these are must have stocking suffers this year. A heads up, they come in your choice of blue or red so you can proudly define your allegiance.
Buy it here: Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks, $12 on Amazon

2. Yoda One for Me Mug

Yoda is my favorite character and always gives me a good chuckle. These Microwave and Dishwasher safe mugs make a great gift for someone you heart.
Buy it on Etsy: Star Wars Yoda One for Me Mug, $12

Or here’s another option to buy on Amazon: Han Solo and Princess Leia Stacking Mug Set, $35

1. Death Star Cheese Board with Tools

Ok. What?!?á I love a gift that also has it’s own case. Yep, I’m a total geek like that. So this Death Star cheese board that includes it’s own tool set is straight up awesome.
Buy on Amazon: Death Star Cheese Board with Tools, $39.99

Thanks Ladies! I just adore these pictured tutorials. Feel free to share your I was featured on Tip Junkie badge on your blog, Facebook, or Instagram. You earned it! á{knuckle bumps} I’m honored to have the opportunity to feature your creative DIY ideas and homemade projects.

What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what Star Wars gift ideas and tutorials you are looking for and want to make. Leave a comment below. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.

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Which is YOUR favorite?

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~ Laurie {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}

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